Beat Stress and Anger

Running smoothly? Do you want to beat stress and feel better? Try one or more of these:

1. Email a Stress Expert now

Email a stress expert using the button below:



Or send an email directly (if you want to keep a copy yourself)


2. Live chat on Wednesday

If you don't want to email or prefer a live chat on Wednesday with a stress expert, the chat service is open every Wednesday from 7pm to 10 pm.


3. Buy our Beat Stress booklet

The Men's Health Forum's men manual Beat Stress, Feel Better is available now. The 36 page full colour booklet looks at:

  • the causes of stress
  • how it affects us and
  • what we can do about it.


4. Check out our info online

Too much stress and anger can:

  • damage your immune system and heart
  • increase your chance of serious health problems
  • reduce your life-expectancy
  • damage your sex life

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