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  1. 'Covid - 19 has shown just how much men's groups are needed'


    Kenny has been running men's groups for over 20 years. He says Covid-19 has taken away our distractions. I think things are shifting in the ‘manosphere’. It’s going mainstream. Men who wouldn’t look at themselves are now. The distractions aren’t ther ... More

  2. FAQ - FAQs: Living with Covid - 19


    How can we reduce the impact of the coronavirus Covid-19? (Updated 9th Oct 2020) Different governments and councils in the UK are now saying and doing different things and giving different advice and guidance on the coronavirus Covid-19. We're also s ... More

  3. 'Now I've got "FOGO": fear of going out'


    Eric is in his 60s and recovering from a blood cancer. I was on the verge of being discharged from two years of cancer treatment including a stem cell transplant when the Covid-19 crisis kicked in. Following the advice of my consultant, I was encouraged t ... More

  4. How's your pandemic?


    Let's talk even if we're social-distancing If things aren't right inside your head, it usually catches up with you in the end. But in the current situation created by covid-19 where we're at home far more and social distancing as much ... More

  5. The five ways to wellbeing


    Five tried and tested ways to feel better right now. There is good evidence that five specific things can make a big difference to someone’s sense of wellbeing. They’re called the Five Ways To Wellbeing. The Five Ways are valuable in their own right. They ... More

  6. Anxiety FAQs


    When should we start worrying about how much we're worrying? Everybody feels anxious from time to time- a little worried, a bit uneasy. Usually fretting about the future. Exam nerves. A job interview. Catching a train. However, sometimes the anxiety ... More

  7. FAQ - Going to Work FAQs


    We spend about 100,806 hours working- that's 11 and a half years- so better keep it healthy. How can going to work affect my health? We spend many of our waking hours working so it's hardly surprising that the things we do there can have a major ... More

  8. 'I've lost Nine friends to the pandemic'


    John is philosophical about death but says Covid-19 and social distancing have taken away more than just people. I know nine people who have died from Covid, three were close. I was waking up everyday and someone I knew had gone. My late mum used to start ... More

  9. My experience is…


    Covid stories: the real people behind the headlines. Interviews with men and women who have seen the  impact of Covid-19. Men and Covid-19 Lennie: 'I went from a mild breathing difficulty to 100% oxygen overnight'  Martin: 'I forgot the wor ... More

  10. Lennie: I went from a mild breathing difficulty to 100% oxygen overnight


    Lennie is an IT instructor from London. He’s had Covid-19. I didn’t realise I had Covid-19. I had none of the main symptoms. No cough or fever. Just a scratchy throat. I was training at Liverpool Street. I remember feeling a bit weak, struggling to carry ... More