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  1. How to live with a long - term condition


    What's the secret of living with a long-term condition? Jim Pollard has interviewed many men living with a variety of LTCs. Here are their tips. Doctors, health services and many patients struggle with long-term conditions (LTCs) because there is rar ... More

  2. 'I didn't know until I was in my 40s'


    John Byrne talks about his attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) diagnosis. I grew up when things like ADHD and dyslexia hadn’t been ‘invented’ so didn’t find out until I was in my early forties. My 6 year-old son was tested. Teachers thought he ... More

  3. 'Recovery is a journey'


    Richard Shrubb talks about living with paranoid schizophrenia. I had a massive breakdown in 1996, but didn’t get to see a psychiatrist until 1999. To my family my breakdown appeared so gradual they didn’t realise I had finally lost the plot. To them I was ... More

  4. 'Learn To Love Yourself'


    Fabio Zuchelli talks about living with depression and anxiety. On the face of it, growing up I really didn’t have it hard at all. People often seem surprised to hear I’ve really struggled with low mood and anxiety. The causes of my decade and a half of de ... More

  5. 'Have the balls to ask for help'


    Ryan Walshe discovered he had testicular cancer when watching TV I noticed something was wrong after I watched  Embarrassing Bodies on Channel 4. There was a piece about testicular cancer. When I did a self-examination, I noticed that one of testicles was ... More

  6. What is Sleep Apnoea


    How do you sleep? Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA) is common but often remains undiagnosed says specialist sleep nurse Beccy Mullins. OSA is a condition that affects breathing during sleep due to a partial or total closure of the airway. This results in dis ... More

  7. Tame the Monkey, free the mind


    Mind coach Don Macpherson's FIVE key ways to improve your performance- in sport or anything else in life. Don Macpherson has been coaching sportsmen where it really matters- between the ears- for over 20 years. He dates it back to the weekend in spri ... More

  8. What can Tony Soprano teach men about therapy?


    John Barry and Martin Seager ask: does the US TV series The Sopranos create realistic expectations of therapy for men? Remember the first time I came here [to therapy]. I said [...] all Americans, all they’re doing is crying and confessing and complaining ... More

  9. How to get back into cycling


    Peter Mabe reports on the challenge of pedalling from Glasgow to Edinburgh I started cycling many years ago, but never what you would call seriously. I've always looked upon it as a way to try and keep fit, something that is constantly on my mind as ... More

  10. Jogging: easier than you think


    Our website editor Jim Pollard says anyone can run. Spare tyre not going away? Breathless after climbing stairs? Or perhaps you’re inspired by the C25K programme, an NHS-backed initiative which aims to get just about anyone from the couch to running in ni ... More