13:15 . 24/11/15 . MHF news
Organisations come together to promote new health manual for gay men

There's far more to gay men's health than HIV.

12:45 . 24/11/15 . MHF news
New article reviews men's health policies in Ireland, Australia and Brazil.

Men's health policies 'can make a significant contribution'.

12:00 . 19/11/15 . MHF news
HPV vaccine extended to men who sleep with men but not to boys

The government’s vaccination advisory committee (JCVI) has announced that HPV vaccinations will be offered to men aged up to 45 who have sex with men (MSM) but campaigners would like to see this go further.

10:45 . 18/11/15 . MHF news
The Forum has been awarded the Healthy Workplace Charter.

The Men's Health Forum has been awarded the Healthy Workplace Charter award at commitment level.

13:30 . 17/11/15 . MHF news
Fit For Farming is a new man manual for farmers and rural workers.

A new edition of the Forum's pioneering man manual for the farming community is now available.

14:30 . 16/11/15 . MHF news
New blog on how weight-loss programmes can work for men

The Men's Health Forum has been delivering its message about weight-loss in men through the NHS's National Institute for Health Research (NIHR).

12:45 . 16/11/15 . MHF news
New treatment for enlarged prostates.

The NHS has a new treatment option for men with enlarged prostates.

11:15 . 08/10/15 . MHF news
The conference brings together local stakeholders to initiate an action plan for improving men's mental health.

Somerset takes the lead nationally to raise awareness about men’s mental health and works with partners to ensure that the right support and services are available.

11:45 . 02/10/15 . MHF news
Does your local health system work for the men in your area?

The Men’s Health Forum is providing councillors with the tools they need to hold their local health system to account on gender.

15:00 . 23/09/15 . MHF news
The Men's Health Forum is working with Wandsworth Council so that men can get an online, as well as offline, Man MOT

A free specialised Man Shop will be popping-up at Putney’s Ashburton Estate next week to get local men taking about their health.