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  1. One In Ten: The Male Diabetes Crisis


    The growing diabetes crisis is quite literally decimating men with one in ten now affected. The diabetes crisis is decimating men The growing diabetes crisis is quite literally decimating men with one in ten now affected. Men are more likely to develop th ... More

  2. Men's Health Week 2017: Research Briefing


    Men’s Health Week 2017 is themed around the problem of abdominal obesity – or ‘belly fat’. The research below outlines why: Too many men are overweight – they don’t realise (and women don’t realise either) – and it’s killing them 67.8% of men are now over ... More

  3. Annual Reports


    Links to the Forum's annual reports. Reports for the year ending 31 March: 2016 2015 2104  (PDF only) 2013  (PDF only) 2012  (PDF only) 2011  (PDF only) 2010 2009  (PDF only) 2008  (PDF only) 2007  (PDF only) 2006  (PDF only) 2005  (PDF only) 2004  ( ... More

  4. Annual Report 2016


    In 2015-16, the Forum increased its reach to men and challenged how local health services are delivered. In 2015-16, the Men’s Health Forum continued to extend its reach and impact despite the difficult financial climate and declining staffing compared to ... More

  5. Man MOT: Key Lessons


    How online anonymity works for men – a report into the Men's Health Forum's Man MOT project. Man MOT Key Lessons: How online anonymity works for men was written by Peter Baker. Download the full report below. Summary Man MOT has been provided by ... More

  6. Man Made: Men, masculinities and equality in public policy


    Report by the Coalition on Men and Boys, 2009. The Coalition on Men and Boys was formally launched on 26 November 2007. Current members are Action for Children, Bradford University’s Research Unit on Men and Masculinities, the Fatherhood Institute, Men’s ... More

  7. 'Still a lot to do'


    Have twenty years of men's health work made any difference? The last decade has seen some inequalities in men's health widen. Twenty years ago, Steve Robertson, now Professor of Men's Health at Leeds Beckett University, mapped what was bein ... More

  8. Annual Report 2015


    Improving our reach and impact with our first-ever manifesto, some revealing freedom of information requests and eye-catching new publication lines. In 2014/15, the Men’s Health Forum dramatically improved its reach and impact – helping more men improve t ... More

  9. The White Stuff


    Men's Health Forum patron Professor Alan White from Leeds Becket University discusses men's health. Professor Alan White is undertaking a  comprehensive review he is undertaking on the state of men’s health. Here the ... More

  10. Putting men into mental health conference report


    Report of the Putting MEN into MENtal health conference held in Somerset, October 2015 Professional Attachment Size Putting MEN into MENtal health 1.15 MB ... More