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  1. Covid - 19 Statistics: NHS Test and Trace


    Test and Trace statistics for Covid-19 in England. The flollowing article was written in October 2020. Bear in mind that the statistics are becoming out of date. In March 2021, the cross-party public accounts committee concluded there was 'no evidenc ... More

  2. Covid - 19 Statistics: BAME


    Links to stories on the increased risk of Covid-19 in BAME communities. Black people are twice as likely to die from Covid-19 as white people. Even after factors like social deprivation are taken into account. That’s the offical conclusion of the Office f ... More

  3. Covid - 19 Statistics (English regions)


    Statistics for Covid-19 deaths for English regions (based on ONS figures from 13 May) The male death rate from Covid-19 in England is about twice the rate for women but varies widely across the country's regions. The government report  COVID-19: revi ... More

  4. Covid - 19 Statistics (International)


    Gender based statistics for Covid-19 deaths (last updated 27th Jan 2021) International data shows that men make up the majority of deaths in most countries. England has fifth highest number of deaths behind the USA, Brazil, India and Mexico - all far bigg ... More

  5. Covid - 19 Statistics (Scotland)


    Gender based statistics for Covid-19 deaths (last updated with National Records of Scotland figures, 17 March) In Scotland, there have been slightly more male deaths than female. In people under 85, 58% of deaths are male. The proportion of male deaths ap ... More

  6. The figures that prove Covid - 19 is not 'just like the flu'


    Covid-19 critical care statistics. April  2020: Critical Care data proves that Covid-19 is not 'just like flu'. Covid-19 appears far more dangerous than flu. Both women and men are twice as likely to die if admitted to critcal care for Covid-19 ... More

  7. Covid - 19 Statistics (England & Wales)


    Gender based statistics for Covid-19 deaths (last updated with ONS figures, 24 March) Men are considerably more likely to die from Covid-19 than women- twice as likely according to the age-standardised figures. The UK is beginning to get better at countin ... More

  8. Statistics


    The key data on men's health. This website contains the main statistics on men's health. They are are updated regularly. Covid-19 stats Key data: understanding of health and access to services Key data: male life expectancy Key data: mortality K ... More

  9. Key data: understanding of health and access to services


    Statistics on men's health literacy and use of services Summary Men have lower levels of health literacy than women with men twice as likely to have inadequate health literacy Men are less likely than women to use a general practice or visit a pharma ... More

  10. Key data: alcohol and smoking


    Statistics on alcohol and smoking Compiled by Men’s Health Forum, December 2014. Updated April 2020. Summary Men are more likely than women to smoke, smoke more cigarettes per day and smoke hand-rolled tobacco. In England in 2018, 16.4% of men report smok ... More