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Latest news

Beat stress - brand new mini manual

19/08/14 . MHF news
Preorder our new mini manual Beat Stress, Feel Better - and save £20 a box.

Men's mental health: it doesn't add up

15/08/14 . Blog
Sadly men's mental health - depression and suicide - has been in the news again this week. It shouldn't have to be this way.

Does marriage make men fat?

04/08/14 . Blog
Early figures from a new piece of work show a link between marriage and men being over-weight. Or is it work that makes men fat?

What do men want? No frills.

02/08/14 . MHF news
Latest research from the Haringey Man MOT project published.

Why don't men go to slimming clubs

01/08/14 . Blog
Men and slimming is in the news. But what do we know about this?