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Latest news

Self Care Week 2014

21/10/14 . Partners
The Men's Health Forum is backing Self Care Week 2014. How can you get involved?

Liver disease: Men twice as likely to be diagnosed as women

20/10/14 . Blog
Alcohol has been blamed for a rise in the number of people with liver disease. Figures from Public Health England show men are twice are likely to be diagnosed.

New Head of Programmes joins our team

17/10/14 . MHF news
The Men's Health Forum has added a Head of Programmes to its staff team.

40% male carers in employment are working AND caring for more than 40 hours a week

16/10/14 . MHF news
42% of the UK’s unpaid carers are male, dispelling the myth that carers are mostly female

Psychosis: men untreated for longer

14/10/14 . Story
It takes longer for men with psychotic symptoms to get help than women. And even longer for black men.