Appendices - data sources & full results table

Data Sources

From conducting the research, it became apparent that some local authorities were obtaining local gendered data from a variety of sources while others were not. We have compiled a list of sources below for the use of local authorities to enable them to gather the information they require. Links accurate at time of publication.

You can find them all on our JSNA Sources webpage.

You can also find the full analysis we undertook of the 147 available JSNAs on the JSNA data spreadsheet.  

List of categories assessed


  • Population
  • Life Expectancy
  • Healthy Life Expectancy
  • Relationship Status
  • Employment Status
  • Registered with a GP
  • A&E Admission Rates (General)


  • Smoking Prevalence
  • Smoking-related Hospital Admissions
  • Stop Smoking Service Users
  • Prevalence of Binge Drinking
  • Alcohol Specific Hospital Admissions
  • Alcohol Specific Mortality
  • Substance Abuse Hospital Admissions
  • Adult BMI
  • Childhood BMI
  • Men Meeting Recommended Levels of
  • Physical Activity

Ill Health

  • Diagnosis of Diabetes
  • Hospital Admissions for Diabetes
  • Mortality Rates for Diabetes
  • Prevalence of Hypertension
  • All Cancer Incidence
  • All Cancer Mortality Rate
  • All Cancer Admissions
  • Lung Cancer Incidence
  • Lung Cancer Admission
  • Lung Cancer Mortality Rate
  • Colorectal Cancer Incidence
  • Colorectal Cancer Admission
  • Colorectal Cancer Mortality Rate
  • Cardiovascular Disease Mortality Rate
  • Coronary Heart Disease Incidence
  • Coronary Heart Disease Emergency
  • Admission Rate
  • Coronary Heart Disease Mortality Rates
  • Emergency Admission Rates for Strokes
  • Stroke Mortality Rate
  • Chronic Liver Disease Incidence
  • Chronic Liver Disease Admission
  • Chronic Liver Disease Mortality Rate
  • COPD Incidence
  • COPD Mortality Rate

Accidents, Sexual Health and Mental Health

  • Accident Mortality Rate
  • STI Prevalence
  • Chlamydia Prevalence
  • Gonorrhea Prevalence
  • Genital Herpes Prevalence
  • Suicide Rate
  • Hospital Admission for Suicide & Self-Harm
  • Hospital Admission Rate for Mental Health
  • Depression Incidence
  • Incidence of GAD
  • Mixed Anxiety and Depression
  • IAPT Referral
  • Dementia Incidence

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