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  1. FAQ - Going to Work FAQs


    We spend about 100,806 hours working- that's 11 and a half years- so better keep it healthy. How can going to work affect my health? We spend many of our waking hours working so it's hardly surprising that the things we do there can have a major ... More

  2. What is


    Online stress support for men. The service offers online support for men of all ages.  Midlife Crisis  is the most visited mental health page on the Men’s Health Forum website and we know, through the other searches on our site, that we' ... More

  3. 'I don't have to pretend anymore'


    Steve Baxter talks about living with depression. I was diagnosed with depression ten years ago – but I had been struggling with it since childhood.  I felt there was something inadequate about me – that everyone else was able to cope and it was just me wh ... More

  4. Haringey health links


    Quick links to useful health services for men in Haringey From health checks and health advice to help with smoking, drink, drugs, sexual and mental health. NHS Health Check Everybody between the ages of 40 and 74, who has not already been diagnosed with ... More

  5. Should I go to A&E?


    Accident and Emergency (A&E) Departments are for emergencies. But what's an emergency? Would you call out roadside recovery if you ran out of petrol? Of course not. It would take ages and wouldn't solve the problem anyway. Yet every day hund ... More

  6. Finding a GP


    How to register with a local doctor's practice The GP, the local doctor, is the first point of contact when you are ill or want health advice.  As well as doctors, many local GP practices have a team including practice nurses, sometimes counsellors a ... More

  7. FAQ - Living with Covid - 19


    Information for men on Covid-19 (last updated 5 April 2022) What is Covid-19? It is a type of coronavirus that was first detected in China at the end of 2019. Some coronaviruses are mild; some like SARS in 2002 are more serious. This is one of the more da ... More

  8. Erection problems - Everything you need to know


    Men's health specialist Dr Anand Patel discusses erections with editor Jim Pollard. Men's health specialist Dr Anand Patel discusses erections (and what can go wrong with them) with the Men's Health Forum's ... More

  9. Prostate cancer screening: where are we now?


    There’s no silver bullet for detecting prostate cancer but a new risk-based approach could be the way forward. Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in UK males. Every day, about 140 men are told they have it. Every year, about 12,000 men die. These a ... More

  10. FAQ - FAQs Psoriasis


    The basics of the skin condition psoriasis and its impact on men's daily lives by Nyaka Mwanza. Psoriasis and its effects on daily life are unique to each individual. The severity, presentation, treatment response, and progression of one person’s pso ... More