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Men's Health Week: 15-21 June 2020

You'll have surely guessed the theme for Men's Health Week 2020. It's 'Take Action on Covid-19'. The week runs from from 15-21 June. 

We'll be looking at what we can all do to prevent the virus doing more damage.

For men
  • take action to avoid spreading the virus
  • take action to get the best out of lockdown and the 'new normal'
  • take action to beat 'underlying conditions'.
For employers
  • take action to understand the virus
  • take action on social distancing
  • take action to make workplaces safe.
For government
  • take action to protect everyone by recognising, analysing, researching (and publishing) how the virus affects different groups of people in different ways
  • take action to track, trace, isolate and support - with a targeted support for different needs
  • take action to support organisations working with men.

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