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Latest News

Men may be 3/4 of UK Covid-19 deaths

06/04/20 . News
The need for men to observe official guidance on social distancing has never been higher.

Male smokers: Quit for Covid

03/04/20 . News
Male smokers at massively increased risk from Covid-19

Covid-19: Forum urges public health to talk directly to men

01/04/20 . News
Failure to address gender in communications is having a 'direct and negative effect on the incidence and outcomes' of Covid-19.

Over 70% of UK Covid-19 deaths are male

30/03/20 . News
New data from the Intensive Care National Audit and Research Centre adds to gender-picture.

Forum demands publication of Covid-19 data by gender

19/03/20 . News
Men are more than twice as likely to die of Covid-19. Why? Government must monitor the Covid-19 epidemic by gender and age.

Don't forget men when it comes to sexual health

25/02/20 . News
The government's proposed chlamydia screening programme could undermine both health and gender equality.

New prostate test is a wee bit easier

27/11/19 . News
A simple urine test could 'revolutionise' prostate cancer detection.