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Too many men die too young
In the UK, one man in five dies before he reaches 65. Together we can change that.


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Men still the majority of avoidable deaths in England and Wales

20/05/15 . MHF news
Latest statistics from the ONS show men still make up the majority of avoidable deaths in England and Wales.

Male victims of rape and sexual abuse matter and should be supported

18/05/15 . Blog
Shock cut to grant for Survivors UK counselling service reduces London funding to £0.

Rise in strokes among working-age men

12/05/15 . MHF news
The number of strokes experienced by working age men and women has risen dramatically.

Psychological Therapists Needed for Gender Study

29/04/15 . Partners
The UCL Medical School needs psychological therapists of various kinds for a new study.

Feel like a new Man?

27/04/15 . MHF news
The latest edition of the Men's Health Forum's classic Man manual is now available.