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Latest News

Let's get tough on mental health problems

10/10/18 . News
Men's Health Forum reacts to #worldmentalhealthday

At last, HPV vaccine for boys

24/07/18 . News
Coming soon: boys in England to be vaccinated against HPV-related cancers and warts.

Men with mental health issues want good physical health too

18/06/18 . News
Secure Man is a physical health guide for men in mental health institutions and the community.

Dads make a healthy difference

15/06/18 . News
When it comes to children's health, dad's contribution may be more important than you think.

Diabetes For Men: a basic intro

11/06/18 . News
New easy-to-read man manual on diabetes for men to mark Men’s Health Week 2018.

New World Cup survival guide

08/06/18 . News
The Forum has produced a new World Cup 2018 Survival Guide to mark Men’s Health Week and the start of the World Cup.

Preorder our new Diabetes manual

01/06/18 . News
Place your order now to get copies by Men's Health Week