How do you make weight-loss services work for men?

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Too many men die too young
In the UK, one man in five dies before he reaches 65. Together we can change that.


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29/07/15 . MHF news
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Only handful of CCGs have gender leads

20/07/15 . MHF news
Only four CCGs have a named leader for men’s health. And it's little better for women.

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20/07/15 . MHF news
What does new guidance on how much sugar we should eat mean for men?

Trans Men asked to comment

15/07/15 . MHF news
Comment on the draft text for the Men's Health Forum's new guide for Trans Men assigned female at birth.

Weight-loss schemes failing men

13/07/15 . MHF news
Women more than three and a half times more likely to get weight-loss help than men.