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We need a Men's Health Policy Now
All the countries of the UK need a men's health policy: England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland.


Latest News

New prostate test is a wee bit easier

27/11/19 . News
A simple urine test could 'revolutionise' prostate cancer detection.

New Woman available now

13/11/19 . News
Second edition of our popular health manual for Women.

Smoking and men with severe mental illness

11/11/19 . News
The Forum is working with the Mental Health Consortium to investigate how to best help people with severe mental illness (SMI) to stop smoking.

MPs call for a men's health policy

05/11/19 . News
The Forum has been calling for a policy for several years and the Women's & Equality Committee have listened.

Masculinity? It's a skeuomorph, mate.

18/10/19 . News
Grayson Perry argues that modern male gender norms imprison men as much as they oppress women.

Suicide rates up - particulary among men

03/09/19 . News
The first increase in suicide rates since 2013 also shows a rise among under 25s.

Samaritans and Paddy Power - what do you think?

02/09/19 . News
Poll on new partnership between Samaritans and gambling firm.