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Too many men die too young
In the UK, one in five men die under the age of 65. It can be prevented.


Latest news

Psychological Therapists Needed for Gender Study

29/04/15 . MHF news
The UCL Medical School needs psychological therapists of various kinds for a new study.

Feel like a new Man?

27/04/15 . MHF news
The latest edition of the Men's Health Forum's classic Man manual is now available.

What Kills Men?

22/04/15 . Blog
In a new blog, the Men’s Health Forum’s Patron writes that due to common misconceptions, the biggest killers in men have less attention given to them.

Man MOT service for staff at London firm

22/04/15 . MHF news
The Men's Health Forum has joined up with Momentum/MRM to provide an independent text chat and email service run for its staff.

Calling all Trans Men

13/04/15 . MHF news
The Men's Health Forum is producing a new guide for Trans Men assigned female at birth.