Recommendations for Local Authorities and Clinical Commissioning Groups

Improvements are needed to JSNAs in order to implement more action on men’s health. Gendered measures as part of the JSNAs will create more effective health care commissioning for local populations for men and women alike. There are certain measures local authorities and clinical commissioning groups should include in their JSNAs in order to ensure the health needs of men (and women) are taken into consideration as part of their JSNAs.

Local authorities and clinical commissioning groups should ensure they use the data available to establish the needs of men in their local population. (A list of data sources is available on our JSNA Sources webpage)

Although few local authorities will be able to conduct thorough research of its local population, the Department of Health has a core data set which provides references and links to statistics which can be used to establish the level of men’s health need in the local population. Additionally, local council members should scrutinise action on men’s health in their area. This will provide the focus needed to tackle the high rate of premature death in men.

Recommendations for NHS England and Public Health England

As well as improvements in local authorities, there also need to be some changes at national level.

Firstly, data should be collected and published by gender. Currently, a significant amount of data on men’s health needs is either not accessible or not collected altogether. Data should be collected on men and women so that local authorities can use this information to commission services for the provision of men and women’s health care.

Secondly, national bodies should create a more standardised guideline of measurements and metrics to be included into the JSNA. There is a core dataset produced by the Department of Health and the Association of Public Health Observatories which gives useful links and references where data on local populations can be accessed. However, there is no obligation to use gendered measures.

Finally, a model JSNA should be created for local authorities to follow. Currently there is no set format for a JSNA which means that comparing them is difficult as well as scrutinising them. This would also make the JSNAs more accessible to the public and the local Voluntary and Community Sector.

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