Trans Man - comments please

Download the first draft of the new Trans Man manual by Lee Gale and Lewis Turner for comment.

Attached as a PDF is the first draft of the Men's Health Forum's new man manual Trans Man, written by Lee Gale and Lewis Turner. It is for all trans men (this includes, but is not limited to, people who identify as male, trans man, trans masculine, non binary, androgynous, boi, gender fluid, and genderqueer identities). This means we want the views and comments of as many people as possible on this draft - trans, partners, health professionals and others are all welcome.

The draft is text only with our comments on this work-in-progress in [square brackets]. The draft also includes references. These will not appear in the final printed version (but they will be online). The final version will include images with a similar design to other Men's Health Forum man manuals.

A couple of disclaimers:

  • read the introduction and you'll see just how broad the audience is for this publication and the decisions we've made on the language we've used
  • with such a broad target audience we cannot include everything so apologies in advance if we don't include your particular suggestion
  • this is draft material circulated for comment only. It is not the published version or even the final version of the text. You can comment on anything you want. For this reason, it should not be treated as health information or advice.

The document is quite long - around 18,000 words - and will take a couple of hours to read. We are very grateful to you volunteering your time to help. It is appreciated and valued. Thanks very much indeed. 

The published version of Trans Man should appear in autumn 2015.

How to comment

  • Download the PDF using the link below.
  • Add 'stickies' to the PDF and/or make suggestions in an email.
  • Send your suggestions to (this email will only be accessed by Lee or Lewis and comments will be kept confidential).
  • The deadline for feedback is 31 August 2015.
  • Thank you.

Trans Man - draft for comment (July 2015) (PDF, 870kb)