MHW 22: Time for your MOT

We've been through a lot these past couple of years. Covid has not gone away - not at all - but we are beginning to live with it.

To do this, we need to be at the top of our game, physically and mentally. So, for this year's Men's Health Week, which runs 13-19 June it's time for you, me and men everywhere, to give ourselves an MOT.

Why do men need an MOT?

While we've been focused on the pandemic we've taken our eyes off other serious conditions. 

We know early stage cancer diagnoses fell by third in first lockdown and that shortfall has continued. Macmillan reckon that around 50,000 of us have missed a cancer diagnosis during the pandemic. Prostate cancer diagnoses, for example, were down 29% between 2019 and 2020. That's not because prostate cancer is getting rarer (it isn't), but because men weren't seeing their GPs to begin to get diagnosed. Indeed, male GP visits fell more than female visits. There were good reasons for this fall during lockdown but not now.

Meanwhile, NHS Health Checks, which should be offered to most people over 40, were paused during Covid. They should be being restarted (from April 2022). 

All of this gives us even more reason to keep an eye on our own bodies and minds and give ourselves an MOT.

Our message to men

It's a simple one: it's time for your MOT.

This Men's Health Week, it's time for your MOT. 

Our message to our partners
Britain's health policy needs a Man MOT

As it tries to respond to under-diagnosis during the pandemic, the NHS is moving into a particularly difficult period. To meet the challenge, we need, more than ever, a gender-aware approach. A women's health strategy is rightly promised by government. But what about men?


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