Men's Health Week 2015

Men’s Health Week 2015 ran from the 15th to 21st June and focused on healthy living for men.

The Men's Health Forum leads Men's Health Week in England and Wales. You can get involved. 

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Healthy Living for Men

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Men's Health Week 2015 focused on healthy living challenging men to:

  • Look after their relationships and wellbeing

  • Don't smoke

  • Drink sensibly

  • Be active

  • Watch their weight

  • Turn up to their NHS Health Check

Why this topic?

Men are less likely to lead a healthy lifestyle. They are more likely to smoke, drink alcohol to hazardous levels and be overweight or obese. These lifestyles can lead into serious diseases such as cancer, heart diseases and stokes, the risk of which can be reduced by leading a healthy lifestyle. Our Men's Health Manifesto challenges men and health providers on these issues.

Get involved

Anyone can take part in Men's Health Week, especially local organisations, public health teams, NHS and employers.

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