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09:15 . 31/07/14 . Partners
National Children's Bureau are doing a survey on boys and young men's use of health information and services.
16:45 . 22/07/14 . Partners
The Men's Health Forum is working with our partners at Leeds Metropolitan University on men's mental health and wellbeing.
15:00 . 22/07/14 . Partners
'How can we best support men to self-manage?' - The Department of Health Sciences at the University of York, in partnership with the Men’s Health Forum presents a symposium on self-management support, bringing together experts and self-managing men. You can book your free tickets online now.
11:15 . 14/07/14 . Partners
Public Health England, the ukactive Research Institute and the National Centre for Sport and Exercise Medicine in Sheffield are undertaking a national process to identify projects and programmes that demonstrate good or promising practice in increasing levels of physical activity in local communities.
10:45 . 08/07/14 . Partners
Living Well brings support for mental well-being to your phone or tablet.
17:30 . 01/07/14 . Partners
Male rape and sexual abuse organisation best known for their helpline.
16:45 . 05/06/14 . Partners
Health & Wellbeing Senior Development Officer job offer
09:00 . 15/04/14 . Partners
Important new research