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Covid-19 causes erection problems

20/07/21 . News

As if the increased risk of dying wasn't enough, there is now another reason for men to want to avoid Covid-19.

Research suggests that men who have had Covid-19 experience erection problems (EPs), both in the long-term and short term. One study, from Italy, says the risk of EPs increases by nearly six times when you have Covid-19. A detailed analysis of the penile tissue in men with ED following Covid-19 found remnants of the virus six to eight months after infection. Indeed, a paper published in the UK goes so far as to describe EPs as 'a likely consequence of Covid-19 for survivors'.

Doctors are not entirely sure what causes the link.

Vaccine and mask

Erection problems are linked to poor heart health. So is Covid-19. Or perhaps it is linked to testosterone - low-levels are seen in men with Covid-19. Or the depression and anxiety around having Covid-19 or long Covid could also cause EPs. 

Whatever the reason, it makes sense for men to avoid catching Covid-19. The two most obvious ways to reduce the risk are getting vaccinated and wearing a mask. 

Don't be soft…
Get the vaccine, wear a mask


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