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12:45 . 09/01/18 . News
How to help yourself this winter and help the NHS too - even with man flu.
15:45 . 28/11/17 . News
Viagra Connect can now be bought by men from pharmacists without prescription.
00:15 . 21/11/17 . News
The growing diabetes crisis is quite literally decimating men with one in ten now affected. Men are more likely to develop the disease than women and more likely to experience life-changing or even life-ending consequences.
13:00 . 08/11/17 . News
The Men's Health Forum condemns proposals to cut reproductive health services for men and women by Bath and North East Somerset CCG.
11:45 . 19/09/17 . News
Forum's alcohol manual notches up another award.
13:45 . 20/07/17 . News
New guideline committee being set up.
16:15 . 19/07/17 . News
Men's Health Forum is calling on government ministers to reverse the JCVI's interim recommendation not to vaccinate boys against HPV.
12:45 . 28/06/17 . News
The Men's Health Forum is extremely concerned at the threatened closure of the Centre for Men's Health at Leeds Beckett University
12:15 . 16/06/17 . News
Important new study shows NHS gender weight-loss bias is impacting men’s health
10:45 . 15/06/17 . News
New survey shows many men are still being failed by local authority weight management programmes - although there are exceptions.