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18:15 . 09/07/15 . News
Comedian John Ryan gets his hands on the new Man Manual.
On the eve of a very big day for John Ryan - his first ever NHS Health Check - the comedian discusses the Men's Health Forum's new Man Manual. (Funnier than it sounds.)
14:15 . 08/06/15 . News
Gay men's health made easy - a new publication from the Men's Health Forum
15:15 . 27/04/15 . News
The latest edition of the Men's Health Forum's classic Man manual is now available.
Gay men's health made easy - the manual for men who have sex with men
Men's health made easy - regularly revised and redesigned, the latest edition of our classic man manual
References and images used in the Man To Man publication for gay men, 2015
References and images used in the Man Manual publication, 2015
16:30 . 13/04/15 . News
The Men's Health Forum is producing a new guide for Trans Men assigned female at birth.
14:45 . 02/04/15 . News
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