'I'm 16 years old and I have hypospadias'

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This is archive material from the MHF's malehealth.co.uk website which is now part of this site in the section Male Health. This page remains on the site as site traffic suggests visitors find this page useful but it may not be up to date. It was last updated in 2008 and so does not conform to the NHS England Information Standard of which the MHF is a member. Up-to-date information on this topic can be found here: Hypospadias FAQs.
Some people who have Hypospadias got in touch with us. Here are their thoughts.

I am from NY and was born with this condition. It has destroyed me psychologically and I am afraid of meeting women because of it. I totally blame my parents for this.

Mr Stevenson, I am 57 years young as you are. I'm married for 35 years, but was not fortunate enough to create a family of our own. I live in Knoxville, Tennessee, USA and am very glad to discover your new organization......even though you may be based thousands of miles from me in the "real world"

I also have a mild case of hypospadias. I am a father to 3 children I took a long time for me to come to terms with this and felt all guys were alike to me. Imagine my surprise when I discovered the truth. My partner is very suportive of this and as long as she continues to get a very fulfilling sex life I see no problem.

My son has had two operations. He has been through so much pain and traumatized after the operations. I am not happy with the doctor who has done the operation. I just wish I had someone to get some advise about this condition.

I am 66 - only just found out what it's called. Have problems aiming when in public toilets. Would like to talk more.

My baby boy is thought to have mild hypospadias, we have been told that if he has an operation to correct the foreskin they will be able to see if he has hypospadias whilst under anesthetic and correct it. We are very worried that that would cause him more harm than good.

I was unaware until I read this article that I had hypospadias. I, as a child, always found myself different from other boys and also my parents never discussed this out with me.

I am 47, married and have two children. I was born with a hypospadias and had the operation when I was about 3/5 years old. I remember the smell of the gas that put me to sleep for the op and the metal spikes that were in my penis after the op. I have always suffered embarassment.

I do not think the op was a great success as I have two openings at the tip of the penis the, wrong one and the corrected one, and also pee out of the little holes where the stiches were in so long. I can never wear light coloured trousers to save embarassment.

My son was born with the same and had two ops at the age of 2 and 3. I stayed with him in hospital and felt all his pain and anxiety.Thankfully it was a great job and he has suffered no side affects. He is 8 years old now and can barely remember it.

I am 16 years old and I have hypospadias, and I'm not happy about it but I was wondering when ever I get married, do women care about penis sizes? Does hypospadias go away? Is it hard to have kids with hypospadias? And what's the average size penis for a male with hypospadias? I know its a lot to answer but I'm so worried about how women will judge me and how I might not be able to please my wife ... thanx for your help you have been a blessing.

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