It's easy.

There's not much more to using a condom than simply tearing open the packet and sticking it on. However, condoms come in different sizes, shapes, thicknesses, and flavours. Experiment to see which are best for you.

There are three sexually-transmitted types of hep: A, B and C

Like HIV, it is possible to have hepatitis without realising it. The only signs this blood-borne liver disease may be a short flu-like illness.

How eating better can improve erections, sperm quality and staying power.
Food can improve your sex life? Sounds unlikely.

A lot of rubbish is written on this topic but some basic food ingredients may help improve your sexual energy, testosterone levels, fertility and staying power.

How to check your testicles for lumps.

Dr Chris Steele explains how to check your nuts for lumps that could be testicular cancer. More information: Testicle - FAQs

Ryan Walshe discovered he had testicular cancer when watching TV

I noticed something was wrong after I watched Embarrassing Bodies on Channel 4. There was a piece about testicular cancer.

16:30 . 14/07/14 . Story
US figures show how cancer impacts different ethnic groups.

Rates of testicular cancer in the USA have been rising dramatically in recent years among young Hispanic American men, but not among their non-Hispanic counterparts.

Talking helps but it's not always easy. For Denis Taylor the subject he needed to talk about was probably the toughest of all: penile surgery.

I shook his hand and thanked him for saving my life. The doctor looked at me without emotion.

Chris has severe hypospadias.

From the age of about 2, I had surgery in hospital every 18 months until I was 16. By then I could pee standing up.

The Tool-Kit: how to look after your tackle. Frequently asked questions including ejaculation, size, cancer and masturbation.

The penis, as you have probably discovered, is used for peeing, making babies and generally having fun with. You're very lucky to have one so take care of it.

Also known as 'The Clap', this sexually transmitted infection has a notorious reputation.
What is it?

Probably the best-known STI. It's caused by a bacteria that lives in moist, warm parts of the body.

What are the main symptoms?

One in ten men won't have any symptoms but those who do.