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My experience of Covid-19

Please tell us as much as you can - we want to know all about men's experience of Covid-19. Thanks very much.

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eg. early April - about 3 months ago.
Mild = little or no impact on your life; Moderate = some inconvenience (eg could not work); Serious = you needed hospital treatment.
Write as much as you like - the box expands
If yes, what sort of test was it, was it easy or difficult, quick or slow etc.
We're thinking about things like ethnicity, geographical location, community, income, class, disability, sexual identity or gender identity - all of which have been suggested as factors in experience of Covid-19. You might have something else you want to mention.
Are you fully recovered or not? Have you had any unexpected symptoms or difficulty getting over any symptoms?
In terms of going out etc, what risks are you taking and how do you feel about them?
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