Our Impact

What does the Men's Health Forum do?
  • More than a million people a year come to us for men’s health information
  • Thousands of men have used our online chat services for advice
  • Hundreds of organisations partner with us every year for Men’s Health Week
  • We help local authorities in ways that help their services reach more men (for example, a number of local authorities have recommissioned their weight-loss services to work better with men)
  • We help local authorities develop specific men's health policies (for example, Somerset County Council put in place a men’s health action plan to improve men’s mental health)
  • We help national health providers improve their services to men (for example, we successfully persuaded the NHS that the National Diabetes Prevention Programme should target men in their national plan)
  • We train hundreds of men and health professionals in how to improve men’s health

For more detail, read our Annual Reports.

Over time:

  • We’ve changed men’s health from being about genito-urinary problems to looking at all aspects of men’s mental and physical well-being
  • We helped win AAA screening for men at 65 - preventing around 2,000 premature deaths a year
  • We have distributed more than 1,000,000 Man Manuals to men