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The Men's Health Forum has a team of staff, associates and trustees.





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Martin Tod - Chief Executive​

Martin joined the Men's Health Forum in January 2013 as Chief Executive. Before joining the forum, he worked for Shelter, the housing and homelessness charity, in a range of roles including Head of Strategy Development and Deputy Director of Communications, Policy and Campaigns. He previously worked in the corporate sector as UK Head of Brand & Marketing Communications for Vodafone and as a Marketing Director for Procter & Gamble. Martin is currently a city councillor in Winchester and a county councillor in Hampshire where he focuses on social care and public health issues.

Chris Stein - Senior Man MOT Project Officer

Chris joined the Men's Health Forum in September 2015 to manage the Man MOT service. Previously he worked for the Movember Foundation from September 2014 to June 2015 as the Project Manager for the organisation's investment in male mental health in the UK.

Previously, for the best part of 10 years, Chris worked with young people between the ages of 11 and 19 in education and youth justice settings. For many years, he developed and lead a prevention, early intervention and stigma reduction project that cut across health and education directorates in the London Borough of Hackney. More recently, he has worked with young offenders and their families to support them. The experience helped him develop an on-the-ground perspective on how gender is an important yet sometimes over looked determinant of people's experience with systems. 


Jim Pollard - Editorial and Creative Consultant/Editor of the Forum's websites

Jim Pollard is a freelance editor, writer and journalist with a particular interest in men's health and diversity issues. His work has appeared in a wide range of media including newspapers (both tabloids and broadsheets), magazines and online. He is author of two acclaimed books on men's health The User's Guide to the Male Body and All Right Mate, an easy intro to men's health as well as a number of other books on health. He has also published a novel Rotten In Denmark. His books have been shortlisted for a number of prizes. He is the editor of the Men's Health Forum's website and publications for men.

Vanessa Bogle

Vanessa, a Chartered Health Psychologist, joined the Men’s Health Forum as a Consultant in August 2013. She forms part of the Haringey Man MOT Team. Man MOT is an online health information and support service for Haringey men, accessible via computer, mobile phone or tablet.  It aims to remove some of the barriers associated with accessing traditional health care services.

Vanessa has worked for the NHS within health promotion/public health and primary care across a range of areas including men’s health, obesity, physical activity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cardiac rehabilitation, cancer prevention/early detection and social marketing.

She is also a Health Psychology MSc and Doctorate student research supervisor and an experienced consultant, with expertise in the areas of designing and delivering health interventions, training, conducting research and project evaluation.

Matthew Maycock

Matthew is doing post-doctoral research at Social and Public Health Scientist Unit at the University of Glasgow in the Gender and Health Team. His current research focuses on masculinity and health in prisons, with a particular focus on a health promotion intervention delivered in a number of prisons in Scotland. Alongside research in prisons, he is involved in a research project exploring performances of health and gender within a large workplace in Scotland. 

Matt has undertaken various pieces of work and consultancy for development NGO/INGOs in order to ensure the specific needs and concerns of men and boys are included within gender sensitive work and research. 

David Wilkins

David has worked with the Men’s Health Forum since 2002. He has written and edited policy papers, including the Gender and Access to Health Services Study for the Department of Health and, with Erick Savoye, Men’s health around the world: a review of policy and progress across 11 countries. Earlier this year the MHF and Relate jointly published David's report on men’s use of relationship support services, Try to see it my way.

David has managed a number of projects aimed at improving men’s health, both for the Men’s Health Forum and in the NHS. Most recently he has led a research project to increase men’s participation in the NHS Bowel Cancer Screening Programme and he represents the 'men’s health interest' on a number of national and regional policy development bodies. Prior to working with the MHF, David worked for 12 years in public health departments in the NHS and as a community worker and a youth worker.

Peter Baker

Peter Baker is an independent consultant committed to improving the health of men and boys. He supports organisations in the public, third and private sectors that want to begin or develop their work on men’s health. For 12 years, until August 2012, Peter was Chief Executive of the Men’s Health Forum, England and Wales’ leading men’s health charity. He was previously a health journalist, author of two self-help books for men, launch editor of malehealth.co.uk, and a social policy researcher. He was deputy editor of the Men’s Health Journal for two years and is currently a Fellow of the Royal Society of Public Health and a member of its Academy of Experts. He also works as a consultant for the European Men’s Health Forum and is Campaign Director for HPV Action and Director of Global Action on Men’s Health. Peter has expertise in training, public speaking, policy, service development, advocacy, research and equality/diversity. 

John Ryan

Comedian John Ryan has talked about men's health and mental health in his act for many years. It has earned him a unique place on the circuit and numerous accolades in both comedy (Edinburgh festival highlight winner 2004 and Leicester comedy festival ‘Best Participatory Project’ 2007) and health (2010 NHS Regional Health and Social Care award winner - Mental Health and Well Being; 2010 Royal Society for Public Health Special Commendation for contributions to the field of Arts and Health Equalities; and 2011 Scottish Mental Health and Arts Film Festival Best Short Documentary Award winner). A frequent turn at Men's Health Forum training and other events, he has written for the Sun, leading voluntary sector organisations and the acclaimed Waltham Forest Guardian. He's even had a research paper published in the Journal of Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology on how comedy can boost mental wellbeing. He also contributes articles and podcasts to this website.

  • Edinburgh festival highlight winner 2004
  • Leicester comedy festival ‘Best Participatory Project’ 2007
  • 2010 NHS Regional Health and Social Care award winner - Mental Health and Well Being.
  • 2010 Royal Society for Public Health Special Commendation for contributions to the field of Arts and Health Equalities.
  • 2011 Scottish Mental Health and Arts Film Festival 2011 Best Short Documentary Award winner
  • 2015 Royal Society for Public Health Combined Practice and Research Award winner

David Winskill

Following fifteen years with the British Standards institution, David set up his own public relations consultancy specialising in pharmaceuticals and health.  He became involved in various Haringey campaign groups and was elected as a councillor for Crouch End in 2002. He led for his group on Health and Well Being and served as an Overview and Scrutiny Member and chair for a decade.  He chaired Getting to the Heart of the Matter, a men's health scrutiny review which was nominated for the Centre of Public Scrutiny Awards in 2012. He stood down in 2014 and continues to support campaigns to tackle health inequalities and improve access to mental health services.

Tim Street

Tim Street is a freelance trainer, coach and consultant. He has a particular interest in how men interact with each other and relate to the situations and communities they find themselves involved in. He worked with Men’s Health Forum Scotland from its inception in 2001, and was Chair of the charity for over ten years.

He has managed large scale projects in the helpline industry, for the Scottish Prison Service and for the European Men's Health Forum.

Tim has extensive experience of working with organisations, large and small, to improve their performance by reducing the causes and impact of stress on their workforces. All the work he is involved in is aimed at supporting people, organisations and communities to reach their potential by facilitating improved awareness and understanding, and motivation to act on these.

Dr Ian Banks

Ian Banks was president of the Men’s Health Forum until 2012. He has been president of the European Men’s Health Forum since its launch in 2001.

A retired A&E doctor and GP, Ian has also been deputy editor of the Men’s Health Journal, medical editor for Men’s Health magazine and the official spokesman on men’s health issues for the BMA. He has written many acclaimed books including the award-winning series for Haynes: the Man Workshop Manual, Baby Workshop Manual, Sex Workshop Manual, Woman Workshop Manual, Toddler Manual, Cancer Manual, HGV MAN (on men and weight) and Brain (dealing with men and mental wellbeing). With both the MHF and EMHF, he has also written or edited over 150 small workshop manuals on various areas of men’s health with a distribution of over two million copies.

Ian was appointed visiting professor of men’s health in Europe by Leeds Metropolitan University in 2005. He is also visiting professor in men’s health at the University of Ulster and honorary senior lecturer in men and cancer at Queens University Medical School. The Royal Society of Public Health (RSPH) awarded him a Gold Medal for public health in 2007 and appointed him as Professorial Fellow to the Society in 2012. He acts as the Guardian of the Royal College of General Practitioner’s (RCGP) syllabus and statement on men’s health. In January 2015, Ian was appointed Visiting Professor in cancer inequalities at Leeds University.


Dr John Chisholm CBE - Chair of Trustees

John Chisholm has been chair of the Men’s Health Forum since April 2013.

He has been involved in representing doctors at national level for more than 30 years. He is a member of the Council of the Royal College of General Practitioners, where he is health and work lead, and a Trustee of the College. He is a Vice-President of the British Medical Association and a member of its Council and Medical Ethics Committee and of various other national bodies including the Self Care Forum and a Director of Concordia Health Ltd. For four years he was an adviser to the NHS Working in Partnership Programme. During his time as Chair of the BMA’s General Practitioners Committee, he led the negotiation of the new GP contract.

John’s interests include men’s health, self care, medical ethics, healthcare reform, and the relationship between health and work. John was formerly a member of the General Medical Council, the Joint Committee on Postgraduate Training for General Practice and the Standing Medical Advisory Committee, and of numerous other professional and Governmental advisory bodies. He has written extensively about the organisation of general practice.

Shaun Davies

Shaun Davis is Group Director of Safety, Health, Wellbeing & Sustainability at Royal Mail Group, joining in the organisation in September 2012. Prior to Royal Mail Group, Shaun worked in the construction and waste management sectors and led organisations to achieve significant improvements in performance. 

Shaun has also led culture change programmes and has achieved a variety of awards and accolades for the organisations he has worked in.

Shaun holds a Master of Arts Degree in Leadership & Change Management, The WWF ‘One Planet’ sustainability focused Master Degree in Business Administration (MBA), a Master of Arts Degree in Marketing & Innovation and a Master of Science Degree in Workplace Health & Wellbeing, which complement his numerous technical qualifications.

John Larkin - Treasurer of the Forum

John Larkin joined the Trustee Board in 2004. As the Treasurer of the Men’s Health Forum, he also chairs the Finance Committee of the Trustee Board, and has served in 2010 as an Acting Vice-Chair of the Men’s Health Forum. With his considerable experience of the public and voluntary sectors, gained in the legal profession and as a senior professional executive in the financial services and the construction industry, he currently holds various trusteeships/ directorships with several national and regional health-related or care-based organisations. Apart from experience as a non-executive director in NHS primary care, he is regularly empanelled on statutory mental health reviews/ abjudications in his role as an Associate Hospital Manager with the NHS. He is a Barrister of the Middle Temple, London, and a Master of Arts and Master of Law of Queen’s College, Cambridge.

Adil Qureshi

Adil joined the Men’s Health Forum board of trustees in September 2015. He has a keen interest in human rights and campaigning. Adil works as operatianol co-director of the UK Youth Climate Coalition and works for better mental health at Mind in West-Essex. In the past he worked with the National Union of Students and local Student Unions to improve access for LGBT and BME students to the education sector. We will use the experience of Adil to help improve access for (young) LGBT and BME men to health care. Furthermore we will work with Adil to improve and promote men’s mental health. 

Sara Richards

For most of her working life, Sara Richards was a Practice Nurse. She is now also employed as a Practice Nurse Facilitator, looking after 17 practices. Her expertise is in diabetes and asthma and she is very interested in self-care, nutrition and weight management. She has written many articles for the nursing press, is editor of Nutrition for Nurses, a quarterly publication, and has been on the Editorial Board of Practice Nurse Journal since 2000. She served as Chair of the RCN Practice Nurse Association for 3 years.

For a number of years Sara was involved with NICE looking at coronary heart disease, diabetes and heart failure and obesity and is on the NHS Cancer Screening Programme Prostate Cancer Risk Management Scientific Reference Group.

Dr Su Wang

Dr Su Wang is a Specialist Occupational Physician. Her experience covers UK and international exposure.

Su worked in London Transport, British Airways, and Royal Mail, all with predominantly male employees. During her stewardship in Royal Mail, out of 350,000 employees, 85% were men. Her work improved sickness absence in all three organisations. In her last organisation, her innovative interventions changed the perception of occupational health from being seen as punitive to preventative and supportive, and showed that men were interested in health and well being. Su worked to develop the business case for workplace health and well being; independent evaluation of the impact of Health, by the London School of Economics, showed savings of £227 million.