Men's Health Forum In Scotland

Men's Health Forum ScotlandIn Scotland, one man in four dies before the age of 65.
TOGETHER we can change that.

The Men's Health Forum has been operating in Scotland for many years working with academic and research partners and selling our acclaimed man manuals to the public, private and voluntary sector. We've been proud to act alongside the Men's Health Forum Scotland (MHFS) who successfully led the way from 2001 to improve the health of men in Scotland.

Sadly, due to a change in circumstances, MHFS decided in February 2016 that they would stop operations, and, with the full agreement of their Trustees, we have agreed to extend our area of operations so that we now cover Scotland, England and Wales.

Creating an action plan for men's health in Scotland

We are looking for supporters and partners to help us develop an ambitious vision and plan for improving men's health in Scotland. As a first step, we want to build a strong Scottish team and, to this end, aim to:

  • Establish a Scottish Advisory Committee (SAC) 
  • Recruit more Scottish Associates to our team of Associates and one or more Scottish trustees.
  • Work with the MHFS's network of professional, academic and other contacts
  • Circulate newsletters to MHFS supporters and subscribers (subject to data protection)
  • Host on this website, any MHFS information which MHFS (or the SAC) advises us is relevant and useful.

As soon as we have the resource, our goal is to:

  • Produce a report on the state of men's health in Scotland and a 'Men's Health Manifesto' for Scotland. (You can read our Men's Health Manifesto for England.)
  • Ensure that we have a suitable Haynes Man Manual for Scotland. (More about the Man Manual.)
  • Apply for grants and funding to enable a more substantial operation in Scotland.

Initially, we intend to work through volunteers, associates and other sub-contractors rather than through paid members of staff or an office.

  • If you live in Scotland and are interested in men's health and would like to work with us on any of these ideas or help us develop our vision for Scotland, we'd love to hear from you - please use the form below.
  • If you'd like to donate to help fund more work in Scotland, please donate now or sign up to run for us in the Men's 10k.
  • Whatever your interest, please sign up to the newsletter

Men's health in some parts of Scotland is amongst the worst in the UK - and we want that to change.  Please sign-up below if you would like to help that change happen.