Improving Health Information and Services

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The third 'How to...' guide offers tips on how to engage men in programmes to boost their mental health.
The second 'How to...' guide offers tips on how to engage men with long-term conditions in self-management programmes based on a systematic review.
16:45 . 07/11/16 . News
Forum demands longer opening hours as new research shows how many men NHS mental health services services are missing.
13:00 . 17/03/16 . Partners
New grants programme on theme of Men’s Health and Emergent Longer‐Term Conditions.
15:15 . 14/12/15 . News
Professor highlights the benefits of local authorities tackling public health.
11:45 . 16/09/15 . News
Join in our new Health Unlocked support network.
10:30 . 26/08/15 . News
Health checks at Portsmouth FC home games.
15:15 . 12/06/15 . News
Men are dying because of poor data. To mark Men's Health Week, the Men's Health Forum is writing to all Health & Wellbeing Boards in England asking them to do a better job of analysing the available data on men's health in their area.
What is a JSNA and why do they need to be gendered?
How JSNAs are failing men (and women)