How To Be A Men's Health Champion

What is a Health Champion?

A tried and tested way to improve health in a community, Health Champions are not health professionals but members of the public who care about public health and want to help improve it. Almost anyone can train to be a Health Champion.

Champions are often members of a group or club who watch out for their fellow members. It can be very fulfilling to see people turn their health round.

Really, can anyone be a Health Champion?

Pretty much. Health Champions are empathetic, good listeners, able to be supportive without being directive. You don't need to be a health expert.

So, do Health Champions make a difference for men?

The research suggests they can make a real difference. For men, they can be particularly useful: their more informal, man-to-man approach can provide an invaluable stepping stone between the men in their community and traditional, more formal health services.

How can I find out more?

The Forum are intending to publish How To Be A Men's Health Champion. It will be a new title in the Forum's acclaimed series of 'How To…' guides, which pull together practical advice and information on how to 'do' men's health. 

This guide was originally written for Hampshire County Council’s Men’s Activity Network and piloted as part of the Step by Step (SBS) Interreg 2Seas project (co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund).

The guide explores the role of a Health Champion, how to communicate with men, behaviour-change and how to signpost men. It also introduces basic men’s health issues.

If you want to help us and hear about the Guide when it's published, please complete the survey below.

Men are often considered ‘hard to reach’ when it comes to health. The Men’s Health Forum’s ‘How To…’ Guides give you the blueprint to change that.

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How to be A Men's Health Champion
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