Men's Health Strategy

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10:30 . 19/06/24 . Blog
D-day was a long time ago. The UK is now a country of little boys.
11:15 . 29/05/24 . News
In his final letter to the secretary of state, the outgoing chair of the health committee of MPs echoes our campaign: we need a men's health strategy.
18:15 . 23/05/24 . Blog
If we're serious about the NHS, we need to get serious about the wider causes of ill health.
14:00 . 11/03/24 . Blog
The Forum welcomes Labour's interest in a men's health strategy.
12:15 . 23/01/24 . News
Martin Tod appears before the HSCC Inquiry.
17:15 . 18/12/23 . News
Parliament publishes new data that highlights the need for a Men's Health Strategy
09:45 . 20/11/23 . News
But we still need a strategy!
09:15 . 20/11/23 . Blog
But new initiative falls short of the required strategy and does not tackle fundamentals.
10:45 . 31/10/23 . Blog
With an election expected within the year, thoughts turn to what the opposition might do to improve men's health.
What would Labour do about men's health? In 2001, Yvette Cooper, then minister for public health in the last Labour government, wrote the Foreword in the first issue of the Forum's journal, the Men's Health Journal.