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Man MOT - our new INTERACTIVE manual that challenges you to get healthier
Railway worker Rizwan Javed has won the Samaritans Lifesaver award for his work with passengers - nearly all men - considering ending their lives.
11:15 . 10/10/18 . News
Men's Health Forum reacts to #worldmentalhealthday
12:45 . 01/02/18 . News
If you haven't found time to talk, perhaps it's because you can't find the words.
‘I’m not depressed, I’m feeling down’. Why words matter in male mental health.
Alcohol made easy – new manual explains how it works, what it does and how you can manage it
As a new survey shows that men with ‘macho’ attitudes are more likely to have mental health problems, Jim Pollard argues that reducing the alarming male suicide rates requires a new language as well as new services.
15:00 . 23/11/16 . News
Research suggests men with negative attitudes to women may have more mental health problems.
13:00 . 17/11/16 . Blog
To accompany today's International Men’s Day debate in Parliament, here are five surprising, but lesser known, facts about men's health.
16:45 . 07/11/16 . News
Forum demands longer opening hours as new research shows how many men NHS mental health services services are missing.