Mental Health

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Revised and redeveloped, Railway Worker is an excellent example of a custom manual designed for male and female workers.
10:15 . 10/08/16 . News
Ad industry report suggests boys are unaware of how images of themselves and others are being manipulated.
15:00 . 08/08/16 . Blog
Men are constantly being told to talk about their problems – including by the Men's Health Forum. But new research suggests one reason why we don't do so at work. It's down to money.
18:00 . 23/03/16 . Partners
Surveys on suicidal thinking and preferences when dealing with mental health issues are part of new research at University College London Medical School.
13:15 . 24/11/15 . News
Organisations come together to promote new health manual for gay men
Putting the men into mental health, Haynes International Motor Museum, October 2015
Woman is our popular companion manual to the Man Manual. Rewritten and completely redesigned for 2020, it's women's health made easy.
Foreword to Your Body, Your Health by transgender pioneer Mark Rees
Trans man? Your Body, Your Health explains the health choices for trans men, trans masculine and non-binary people
Foreword by professor Alan White to the latest edition of the Men's Health Forum's Fit For Farming