What men say about Man MOT

Five star feedback from men about our Man MOT chat and email service.

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  • Great help and support! Great advice given and made me feel a lot better, before I had even been to the doctors about my problem!
  • I found this anonymous service really, really useful and [the GP], who i had the pleasure of chatting with, was most patient, understanding and knowledgeable!
  • Well this help alot and ill love to recommend this to my friends
  • Very helpful, as it is difficult to go to the dr about personal issues in person
  • Great advice and understanding from [the GP]. Exceeded expectations
  • Amazing!!
  • Really good. Good to speak with someone without being embarrassed. Thank you.
  • Good advice straight to the point.
  • Thank you for your reassuranceI've never used this service before but I found it invaluable. I was comforted and had all my questions answered. Absolutely brilliant.
  • I was directed to a leaftlet online from the hospital where I was having the operation. I didn't even know the leaflet existed! Thanks.
  • Very good advice, very helpful.

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