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How online anonymity works for men – a report into the Men's Health Forum's Man MOT project.
13:15 . 03/08/16 . News
The Forum welcomes the reporting on widespread sexual problems among younger people and calls for more support.
09:00 . 14/04/16 . News
Innovative health comedy show takes to the stage.
Men's Health Forum project manager Chris Stein is break-dancing to keep Man MOT running…
13:00 . 29/02/16 . News
Deputy CEO Tracy Herd raises £1000 for Man MOT. Find out what happens next.
15:00 . 23/09/15 . News
The Men's Health Forum is working with Wandsworth Council so that men can get an online, as well as offline, Man MOT
10:15 . 13/08/15 . News
Comedian John Ryan feels like a new man.
18:15 . 09/07/15 . News
Comedian John Ryan gets his hands on the new Man Manual.
On the eve of a very big day for John Ryan - his first ever NHS Health Check - the comedian discusses the Men's Health Forum's new Man Manual. (Funnier than it sounds.)