Beat Stress, Feel Better

Everyman's guide to mental well-being - the stress-busting man manual from the Men's Health Forum

New 2017 Edition now available

The way we feel between our ears is key to both mental wellbeing and physical health too.

Mental health problems are increasingly common. In the UK, 12 men take their own lives everyday and, after years of falling, the suicide rate has increased as the economy has struggled. Too much stress can:

  • damage your immune system and heart
  • increase your chance of serious health problems
  • reduce your life-expectancy
  • damage your sex life

Beat Stress, Feel Better, the new booklet from the Men’s Health Forum in partnership with Haynes, tackles the still taboo topic of male mental health without ever once mentioning it. Beat Stress, Feel Better looks at:

  • the causes of stress
  • how it affects us and
  • what we can do about it.

The 36 page full colour A5 booklet, written by Fabio Zucchelli, Richard Shrubb and Steve Baxter with cartoons by John Byrne, a team that have all experienced mental health problems of their own, is full of simple, practical tips that will make any man feel better.

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Full contents list
  • Why is stress is stressful
  • What causes stress? 
    Health and mood
    Partners and friends 
    Drink and drugs
    Are you living a lie?
  • What rattles your cage?
    Know your triggers
  • Are you getting angry?
  • Are you addicted?
  • What beats stress?
    Live in the moment 
    Talking treatments 
  • Works for me - case studies of the writers and cartoonist
  • How to help a mate 
  • Who else can help? - comprehensive sources of further information
'It's excellent and very, very welcome'

The Men's Health Forum is a member of the NHS England Information Standard and this new man manual is fully compliant. This means it is fully-referenced, has been peer-reviewed by our team of medics led by Dr John Chisholm, the Men's Health Forum's chair of trustees, and also road-tested with men. You can have confidence that this is a reliable source of quality evidence-based health information.