How are you?

How do you beat stress?

Are you 'FINE'?

Some questions to ask yourself to find out how you really feel.

Tell me about it

Samaritans discuss how Covid-19 and 'lockdown' is affecting men.

How are you?

If things aren't right inside your head, it doesn't matter how much you can bench-press, how much you earn or how often you get laid, you won't feel good.  

Stress is normal. One in four people will experience some kind of mental health problem in the course of a year. If you're a betting man, that's a 3 to 1 shot.

It's what we do about it that matters. You'll find nothing flash or clever here, just the facts in the words of men with experience. Think about the issues and react at your pace and as you want to. There are plenty of QUICK WINS plus links to help with the HARD STUFF. Take what you need and get on with your life.