Best practice: Men and pharmacies

Racks of make up and no spanners is the report on the Men's Health Forum's project looking at men's use of community pharmacies to improve their health.

The Men's Health Forum received funding from the Department of Health, the National Pharmacy Association, and Pfizer Ltd to carry out a 15-month action research project into men’s use of community pharmacy services to improve their health and wellbeing. The Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain funded the production of an information booklet on Men and Pharmacy.

The project’s aim was to add to the knowledge base of ‘what works’ and ‘why’ in order to encourage men to make better use of community pharmacies and to identify the potential barriers.

A workplace intervention was used to test the effectiveness of this setting for engaging with men about their health.

The project contributes to our understanding of why men do not make use of mainstream health services generally for improving their health and wellbeing and what needs to happen to enable them to do so.