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09:15 . 05/06/14 . Blog
The Men's Health Forum has been campaigning for over a decade on the vital issue of male mental health. David Wilkins looks at new work on the issue.
08:45 . 29/05/14 . Blog
A BMJ article shows that spending more health money in poorer areas saves men's lives
16:00 . 23/05/14 . Blog
Preparation for Men’s Health Week is hotting up.
08:30 . 21/05/14 . Blog
Work, unemployment and mental health is the focus of Men's Health Week. Another tragedy highlights why.
12:30 . 07/05/14 . Blog
Isabel Hardman's article for the Spectator, Save the male, Britain's crisis of masculinity, was welcomed by David Wilkins but comments descended into the usual battle. David sets the record straight.
13:45 . 25/04/14 . Blog
Haringey leads the way with a new way of talking to a GP.