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15:00 . 08/08/16 . Blog
Men are constantly being told to talk about their problems – including by the Men's Health Forum. But new research suggests one reason why we don't do so at work. It's down to money.
20:30 . 02/12/07 . Blog
The Forum has identified five areas of men’s health which it would particularly like to see policy makers and service providers address under the Equality Act’s new Gender Equality Duty.
09:00 . 18/05/15 . Blog
Shock cut to grant for Survivors UK counselling service reduces London funding to £0.
15:45 . 22/04/15 . Blog
In a new blog, the Men’s Health Forum’s Patron writes that due to common misconceptions, the biggest killers in men have less attention given to them.
10:15 . 07/04/15 . Blog
NICE is seeking to appoint a number of topic expert members to its public health advisory committee (PHAC) to develop a new guideline on ‘workplace health: support for employees with disabilities and long term conditions’.
09:45 . 25/03/15 . Blog
The government has joined sports organisations to tackle mental health stigma.
17:45 . 23/03/15 . Blog
We want to know what you do with health posters.
12:30 . 09/03/15 . Blog
A new study suggests that obese men who lost weight were more likely to get their partners pregnant.
09:00 . 24/02/15 . Blog
Article in the Telegraph highlights the role of economic pressures on men's mental health
14:00 . 13/02/15 . Blog
A new study by the International Longevity Centre UK has analysed health information seeking behaviours across Europe and has found men are less likely to consult a GP or nurse.