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09:45 . 25/03/15 . Blog
The government has joined sports organisations to tackle mental health stigma.
17:45 . 23/03/15 . Blog
We want to know what you do with health posters.
12:30 . 09/03/15 . Blog
A new study suggests that obese men who lost weight were more likely to get their partners pregnant.
09:00 . 24/02/15 . Blog
Article in the Telegraph highlights the role of economic pressures on men's mental health
14:00 . 13/02/15 . Blog
A new study by the International Longevity Centre UK has analysed health information seeking behaviours across Europe and has found men are less likely to consult a GP or nurse.
10:00 . 10/12/14 . Blog
Young people need to tell the government and NHS about mental health.
10:00 . 20/10/14 . Blog
Alcohol has been blamed for a rise in the number of people with liver disease. Figures from Public Health England show men are twice are likely to be diagnosed.
09:15 . 13/10/14 . Blog
More elderly men are struggling with loneliness according to a new report
09:30 . 03/10/14 . Blog
A new pilot project has been launched to help unemployed people with mental health problems find work.
15:30 . 30/09/14 . Blog
The prime minister has said that, if he wins the 2015 general election, everyone in England will have access to 'GP services' seven days a week by 2020. What does this mean for men's health?