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What's the World Cup got to do with diabetes? Well, the odds on you getting diabetes are about the same as on Argentina winning. Still think you don't need our World Cup Survival Guide?
Diabetes is decimating men.
10:45 . 01/06/18 . News
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One man in ten has diabetes. New manual explains how to avoid it and how to live with it.
Our survey about diabetes for Men's Health Week.
The growing diabetes crisis is quite literally decimating men with one in ten now affected.
00:30 . 06/04/16 . Partners
Hammering away at the diabetes message with West Ham footballers.
The Men's Health Forum's response to the consultation on the NHS National Diabetes Prevention Programme
How do you sleep? Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA) is common but often remains undiagnosed says specialist sleep nurse Beccy Mullins.