Self-harm and suicide

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15:30 . 26/05/21 . News
New study of suicide in middle-age men shows 9/10 were in contact with frontline services.
12:00 . 05/01/21 . News
Figures from the ONS show that men are now seven times more likely than women to die while homeless.
The University of Manchester are conducting an NIHR funded national online patient and carer survey on health services following self-harm
11:15 . 10/10/18 . News
Men's Health Forum reacts to #worldmentalhealthday
18:00 . 23/03/16 . Partners
Surveys on suicidal thinking and preferences when dealing with mental health issues are part of new research at University College London Medical School.
13:15 . 24/11/15 . News
Organisations come together to promote new health manual for gay men
Men self-harm too. But you can control it.
What to do if you're feeling shit.