Sexually-transmitted Infections

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More men should be screened for chlamydia. That was the key recommendation arising from the Men's Health Forum's two year men and chlamydia project (2003-2005), the final report of which is available to download below.
The pros and cons and options for vaccination against the HPV virus which causes cancers and genital warts.
The HPV virus and the serious diseases it can cause.
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HPV vaccine extended to men who sleep with men but not to boys
There are three sexually-transmitted types of hep: A, B and C
A disease of the past? No. Syphilis is alive and kicking despite effective treatments
HIV is as serious as ever but over the last 10 years, treatments have greatly improved.
Also known as 'The Clap', this sexually transmitted infection has a notorious reputation.
Warts aren't pretty and are highly infectious. Best avoided because although they can be treated, they can't be cured.