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16:30 . 15/06/18 . News
When it comes to children's health, dad's contribution may be more important than you think.
One man in ten has diabetes. New manual explains how to avoid it and how to live with it.
16:45 . 01/12/16 . Blog
Dunstable programme puts Men's Health Forum research into action.
13:00 . 17/11/16 . Blog
To accompany today's International Men’s Day debate in Parliament, here are five surprising, but lesser known, facts about men's health.
15:30 . 11/10/16 . Partners
New research suggests that by 2020, the majority of boys from poorer backgrounds will be overweight.
10:15 . 10/08/16 . News
Ad industry report suggests boys are unaware of how images of themselves and others are being manipulated.
In 2016, the Men's Health Forum joined the Obesity Health Alliance
11:30 . 17/03/16 . News
Obesity Health Alliance welcomes new tax scheduled for 2018.
The Men's Health Forum's response to the consultation on the NHS National Diabetes Prevention Programme
16:15 . 11/12/15 . News
The Men's Health Forum calls for the next annual report by the CMO to be about the health of men and boys.