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16:45 . 01/12/16 . Blog
Dunstable programme puts Men's Health Forum research into action.
13:00 . 17/11/16 . Blog
To accompany today's International Men’s Day debate in Parliament, here are five surprising, but lesser known, facts about men's health.
15:30 . 11/10/16 . Partners
New research suggests that by 2020, the majority of boys from poorer backgrounds will be overweight.
10:15 . 10/08/16 . News
Ad industry report suggests boys are unaware of how images of themselves and others are being manipulated.
In 2016, the Men's Health Forum joined the Obesity Health Alliance
11:30 . 17/03/16 . News
Obesity Health Alliance welcomes new tax scheduled for 2018.
The Men's Health Forum's response to the consultation on the NHS National Diabetes Prevention Programme
16:15 . 11/12/15 . News
The Men's Health Forum calls for the next annual report by the CMO to be about the health of men and boys.
14:30 . 16/11/15 . News
New blog on how weight-loss programmes can work for men
Research report commissioned by the Food Standards Agency to investigate the dietary attitudes and behaviours of construction workers.