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Andrew, 28: Even our sex life was affected

Andrew was just 28 when he got Covid-19 in March 2020.

I was abroad in Paris. It wasn't pleasant and I was breaking out in sweats, regularly feeling very hot. I had a terrible cough for around four weeks.

At the time, there was no test. I was told I could go abroad as I hadn't come from an affected area. I took a swab test which was deemed at the time to be 40% accurate... This said my body had developed T-cells to something but it was a negative test for Covid-19 at that moment.

Tired all the time

It’s now October and since then, I've felt totally fatigued and not quite been myself. It's hard to describe but I feel tired a lot of the time. Although I keep running to keep my fitness topped up.

I worry a lot more about my current situation, how it might pan out. I worry about a second lockdown and if my partner and I will be okay through this. I like to see people, spend time with people and socialise so this has been hard. Friends are important to me, just as much as family.

I've taken one risk - for football

My partner worries internally whereas I talk quite often. It's rare for me to bottle things up so much but recently even I feel like that!

I've taken one risk, going out in my local city for the football but generally speaking, I think lots of families are still having people around at houses still. So I think what's the point in the measures if some families really can't go without seeing each other physically?

I’d say that if you're worried about your health, physical or mental, go see a GP. Don't sit in silence letting thoughts build up in your head. You could even try meditation as this really helped me get through the first lockdown.

Focus on the positives and talk

If your relationship has taken a bit of a hit in the bedroom like mine has, don't let this worry you too much. Sex isn't everything despite many of us having that primitive drive to have sex. In times like these, revisit the things you and your partner like to do together and focus on those positives and try and talk.

If you're in a place where you're both arguing, give one another some space in another room - I personally like the bathroom as it's a peaceful room in our house and I can just chill out properly.

No matter how tough things feel, hang on for the person you will be in the future. Things will eventually pass and there is a time for everything, I think.

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