Beyond the Greasy Spoon

Research report commissioned by the Food Standards Agency to investigate the dietary attitudes and behaviours of construction workers.

What do builders eat?

Construction is a male-dominated industry with a large proportion of workers from a manual background. It is a complex industry populated by small businesses, involving intricate contractual arrangements and significant numbers of mobile workers. It has also one of the highest incidences of work-related illness of any industry. This makes effective targeting of the men who work within construction extremely difficult.

Published in 2010, Beyond The Greasy Spoon set out to explore the diet and nutrition of construction workers. The research programme for the publication looked at existing evidence already and also includes new primary material from interviews with industry stakeholders and construction workers themselves.

The research concluded that the men’s eating habits were 'generally poor' with several barriers to healthy eating but identified a number of ways to intervene that could improve health outcomes.

Beyond The Greasy Spoon (PDF, 195kb)