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All the countries of the UK need a men's health strategy: England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland.


Latest News

Covid committee Sage needs a gender advisor

10/05/21 . News
New report slams lack of gendered approach to government committee's analysis and advice.

Urine test could reduce unnecessary prostate biopsies

27/04/21 . News
Simple urine specimen can indicate how aggressive a cancer is.

What do you want to know about your tackle?

14/04/21 . News
Fill in our survey to help with new manual.

Forum speaks out on male violence

15/03/21 . News
It's not women who have to change their behaviour, it is men.

Do you know the signs of a stroke?

10/03/21 . News
Government relaunches symptoms awareness campaign.

Call for fuller picture of pandemic inequalities

10/03/21 . News
Forum says report on how Covid-19 is affecting men and women in different ways is incomplete.

Women's Health Strategy welcomed

08/03/21 . News
12 week consultation period for England.