Custom Health Manuals

Create your own health manual tailor-made for your particular audience.

​The Forum has created custom manuals with a variety of partners including local authorities, local NHS organisations, companies and voluntary sector organisations.

Your own custom product may be cheaper than you think. Cost per manual is well below £1 on longer print-runs while smaller organisations are able to commission for less than £700.

We also offer PDF-only bespoke manuals for as little as £349.

You can easily order them online or via Purchase Order.

Three case studies will give you an idea of what's possible followed by partners' FAQs.

Case Studies

Fit For Farming

In 2013 the Men's Health Forum worked together with The Farming Life Centre and the Yorkshire Rural Support Network to produce manuals directly for farmers in Derbyshire and Yorkshire. We have produced several more versions since.

Kate Dale, Yorkshire Rural Support Network Co-ordinator, was delighted with the result. 'The Yorkshire Rural Support Network have been delighted to work with Men's Health Forum on the new edition of Fit for Farming - a one stop shop for good farmer health,' she said.

'MHF were helpful and supportive every step of the way, working to exacting standards and our tight time scales. They have produced a really first class booklet!'



Railway Worker

We developed this with Network Rail who wanted a manual for both male and female workers and with specific health issues relevant to the industry highlighted. We combined elements of several existing manuals which, by not commissioning new contents, kept costs down. Several other organisations in the British rail industry now have their own versions with their logos.

Hampshire Man

As part of Hampshire County Council's participation in the European Step by Step (SBS) project, it developed the Men's Activity Network of groups working with men in the county. Hampshire Man was a custom manual with local information made available to men in the network's groups. View Hampshire Man below


How much is it?

Costs vary according to print run and the extent of customisation. The most common options are available via our online shop and the full price list for our basic customisation package is below but smaller organisations can commission their own manual for under £900. Unit cost per manual falls to well below £1 on runs of 10,000 and above. 

We also offer PDF-only bespoke manuals for as little as £299. And if you decide to order printed copies later on, we will treat them as reprints rather than new productions - which saves considerable cost.

What are the possibilities?

Endless in theory. These examples illustrate the sorts of resources that are possible with a tailor-made publication. It is possible to target a specific group of men (perhaps in a specific location), or to present a specific condition or health issue to men. 

Are they just for men?

No, some of our custom manuals combine elements of different manuals including Woman. One example is Railway Worker which we developed with Network Rail for both male and female workers. Or you can have a manual exclusively for women.

What's the most popular option?

The most popular option is a basic package rebrand on Man turning the new Man manual into Your Man with your logo, your organisational information and your local signposting information. This basic package is also available for Woman and all other manuals.

What branding is available?

This depends entirely on what kind of campaign you want to run — the basic package provides space on the covers for a logo and space for copy inside. 

What do I need to supply?

It depends on the degree of customisation - the minimum will usually be a logo. While the design is often based on our award-winning format, it may be possible to develop a new cover and manual design if that would be more effective to reach your target group.

All copy is written to the NHS England Information Standard. We can write custom health copy for you to this same high standard. If you still prefer to write your own copy we can provide Health Information standard documentation.

How do I know what my target audience want?

In order to better shape the manual, the Forum can conduct a number of focus groups and/or 1-2-1 interviews with local men. This will provide important information on how men in your target audience currently access health information and what they think of a draft version of your tailor-made manual. This information can help to shape the final manual and to ensure it closely engages with your target audience's needs and interests in terms of their health.

The costs on this page do not include the costs of holding focus groups and writing a report based on the transcriptions of the groups. Please contact Martin (details below) for more information on this.



The cost for ordering the basic package (a bespoke version of our best-selling 36pp full colour Man Manual - with name, cover and contacts customised to meet your needs) is as shown:

# ordered Digital (logo only) Digital (logo + contacts) Printed (logo)
100 £349 £579 £859
200 £329 £629 £989
500 £459 £759 £1,279
1,000 £669 £969 £1,489
2,000 £1,099 £1,399 £1,859
5,000 £2,379 £2,679 £3,189
10,000 £4,519 £4,819 £6,599

All prices include VAT at 0%.

Further customisation - such as research amongst your user group, changes to images or other content, adding or writing new health-related content etc will cost more.  

  • Printing in black and white will cost slightly less. 
  • Reprints of existing manuals are significantly less.

Toolbox Talks

We can also customise our Toolbox Talk PDFs for your organisation with your logo.

A full set of toolbox talks costs £500.  Customising individual Toolbox Talks costs £50 for set-up and then £50 for each Toolbox Talk that you order.

We can also customise the content for you or work with you to create a bespoke talk that meets your needs.

Further information

For more information, further quotes or to see some samples please complete our survey or contact Martin Tod on 07887 986048.

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