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Become the José Mourinho of food and make substitutions that count…
Get beyond the marketing by learning how to speak the confusing language of supermarket food labels.
It's not all bad. Understanding fat will enable you to eat tastier and healthier.
Breakfast is probably the most important meal of the day
Are you sweet or savoury? What do we know about sugar and salt?
How eating better can improve erections, sperm quality and staying power.
How eating better can help prevent mood swings. If you think GI is an American soldier, read on.
How eating better can help you exercise better - and when and how to use sports drinks
18:15 . 10/03/15 . News
As the Forum publishes its latest man manual 'Eat. Drink. Don't Diet', comedian John Ryan shares his philosophy on refueling.
Comedian John Ryan shares his philosophy on eating and drinking. Website editor Jim Pollard says 'yeah' a lot.