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An easy introduction to the prostate: a sex organ men need to know more about
17:00 . 01/09/22 . Blog
Guest blogger David Winskill has a little something that may save your life.
All your questions on the male tackle - penis health made easy
16:00 . 27/11/19 . News
A simple urine test could 'revolutionise' prostate cancer detection.
Ian, 40, a musician from north-west England, has paruresis or shy bladder syndrom
David, an IT consultant from the English Midlands, has paruresis or shy bladder syndrome.
Ever been standing at a public urinal and found you couldn't go? You're not the only one. It even has a name - Paruresis.
If you're not peeing out the end of your penis you may have undiagnosed hypospadias. It can be treated.
We tend to take peeing for granted. Something easy is described as 'a piece of piss'. But it's not such a simple business. Sometimes it happens when you don't want it to. Other times you can't go even when your bladder's bursting.
Incontinence - leaking pee without meaning to - is a wee problem that can be treated, reports Danny Farthing.