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10:45 . 31/10/23 . Blog
With an election expected within the year, thoughts turn to what the opposition might do to improve men's health.
What would Labour do about men's health? In 2001, Yvette Cooper, then minister for public health in the last Labour government, wrote the Foreword in the first issue of the Forum's journal, the Men's Health Journal.
If you've ever wondered what attitude Labour might take to men's health, this fascinating interview with Yvette Cooper from 2000 might help. Many of the issues we discussed with the then minister for public health (now shadow home secretary) are still around today.
09:45 . 26/11/21 . News
Peter joins the Now & Men podcast to discuss 25 years in men's health.
15:00 . 12/07/21 . News
Martin Tod's presentation to the All Party Parliamentary Group on Man & Boys.
We've written to the Chancellor asking him to increase alcohol duty by 2%. Please support our campaign.
12:15 . 21/09/20 . News
Professor Alan White calls for action now to reduce the long-term physical and emotional impact of the health of men and women.
Professor Gurch Randhawa argues that a lack of diversity in thinking at the top table is one of the reasons for the lack of diversity in the UK's reaction to Covid-19.
15:45 . 25/02/20 . News
The government's proposed chlamydia screening programme could undermine both health and gender equality.
11:45 . 14/01/19 . News
There’s a lot to welcome in the NHS Long-Term plan, although still opportunities to strengthen it further by taking into account the particular challenges of men’s health.