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An easy introduction to the prostate: a sex organ men need to know more about
10:00 . 13/01/23 . News
We may now have the tools to screen effectively against a cancer that kills 12,000 men in the UK every year.
There’s no silver bullet for detecting prostate cancer but a new risk-based approach could be the way forward.
17:00 . 01/09/22 . Blog
Guest blogger David Winskill has a little something that may save your life.
12:45 . 27/04/21 . News
Simple urine specimen can indicate how aggressive a cancer is.
16:00 . 27/11/19 . News
A simple urine test could 'revolutionise' prostate cancer detection.
Paul reckons his prostate cancer diagnosis began with an NHS health check his GP didn't want to give him.
13:45 . 20/07/17 . News
New guideline committee being set up.
12:45 . 16/11/15 . News
New treatment for enlarged prostates.
Easy things to watch out for that might be the sign of something more serious.