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13:15 . 24/11/15 . News
Organisations come together to promote new health manual for gay men
14:30 . 16/11/15 . News
New blog on how weight-loss programmes can work for men
There are many things we can do to improve our health but which five actions will make the biggest difference?
Body Mass Index helps you see if you're a healthy weight for your height.
12:15 . 20/07/15 . News
What does new guidance on how much sugar we should eat mean for men?
In July 2015 new recommendations on sugar were published.
11:45 . 13/07/15 . News
Women more than three and a half times more likely to get weight-loss help than men.
How to get active, the easy way.
Comedian John Ryan shares his philosophy on eating and drinking. Website editor Jim Pollard says 'yeah' a lot.
Healthier eating made easy - the tasty man manual from the Men's Health Forum. New 2023 edition.